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Michael McFarlane

Michael McFarlane

Meet Michael McFarlane, a dedicated and experienced Realtor who specializes in matching clients with their ideal home. He brings a wealth of experience in buying, leasing, and managing rental properties with Oxford Realty. Michael is known for his expertise in assisting renters in finding their starter home, guiding people through downsizing from a house to a comfortable apartment, and helping families secure a sound rental home investment for their college-aged children while they attend the University of North Dakota.
With a background in media as a production coordinator in Los Angeles, California, a recording artist while living overseas, and now as Oxford Realty’s resident real estate photographer, Michael brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the table. He spent nine years living in South Korea and Beijing, China, where he taught English as a Foreign Language. It was there that he met his loving wife, Shuna, and started his family. He returned to Grand Forks to provide his family with the great schools and opportunities that were available to him when he grew up here. At Oxford Realty, he found a way to apply his various talents and entrepreneurial spirit to the leasing and marketing departments, where he enjoys helping Oxford’s valued clientele and developing Oxford’s business.
When not working, Michael is a family man who enjoys spending time at home with his wife, young son, and stepdaughter. He is a constant learner, always listening to non-fiction audiobooks on history, business, science, technology, linguistics, and tales of survival. He is skilled in creating advanced spreadsheets for business and life and has a passion for writing, playing, and recording rock songs on his guitar. He spends hours in the kitchen cooking gourmet meals for family and friends and makes the best classic cocktails you’ve ever tried.

With his tireless work ethic and ability to make the process fun, stress-free, and a sure success, Michael is the Realtor for you. Contact him today to schedule a consultation.

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